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Dear Sir or Madam

In this letter, I want to tell you my motivation why I want to apply for a job in your institute.

Even during my studies at the University Fresenius, it was already my wish and goal to study abroad. But I decided to first finish my bachelor’s degree and to gain a certain amount of experience to be prepared to work in my field of studies.

Erstellt von michel vor 8 Jahren

I also decided to do an international graduation in my Bachelor to keep the opportunity to work abroad. At the moment I am working in a neurological clinic to use and improve my learned and studied skills.

It is a great challenge and at the same time a good chance for me to move to another country to get in touch with the national culture, society and language. This is the reason why I love to travel around the world. There are many eastern countries I already visited for a longer period of time (India, Australia, and Thailand) and every time it was a fascinating experience just to stay there and get in contact with the country so it was just an obvious decision to stay in another country for an intensive working experience. To get a job in a foreign country means for me to get in contact with so many different people and to learn both new things in my field of studies and new things about an unknown culture. I’m looking forward to learn about your way of physical treatments in physiology and to get in touch with your approach of applying physiology. My major goal is to improve my way of thinking about physiology and to improve the therapy and the clinical structure to be of more help to my patients by getting into dialog and by exchanging ideas and opinions with my colleagues at the institute.

Another goal of mine is the personal improvement of my skills. First of all to improve my language skills and also my soft skills while being in contact with people from another culture and to find out how they act and behave in certain situations is a major challenge while working at your institute. Part of this challenge is also the task of moving oversea which holds the opportunity to get more confidence and independence which in my opinion are very important skills in our society today. So I can tell about myself that I am a very open-minded and self-confident person who is motivated to gather new experiences in this new field of work.

It would be a great pleasure to get a positive message from you and I am looking forward to be your new colleague.



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