Paradise Bungalows Resort/ Cambodia

1) Beach Bungalow

Located right in front of the beach, this bungalow is our visitor`s favorite. It comes with a wide wooden terrace, offering a hammock and podest beds, to enjoy the astonishing sea view. Inside, this bungalow proves its house like qualities, two rooms, plus bathroom and the beautiful and natural shower area in the sheltered backyard. We call it our „mansion“ on the beach, with a seducing character, that might as well convince you to stay just a little bit longer.

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2)Hillside Bungalow

Our Hillside Bungalow is the missing part between the Ocean and Koh Rong's backcountry. You will inhale the sea breeze and watch its blue horizon, while the jungle joins in with its multiple sounds, offering a continuous and ever changing soundtrack. In a rustic ambient you will automatically turn into an expert of wildlife. Rumour has it, that it is our most private spot on the premises. It comes with a well equipped bathroom, including two double beds, and an open terrace.

3)Bungalows behind restaurant

For the budget traveler who does not want to miss out on Paradise, these bungalows are the best option. This „Paradise Classic“ comes with one double and one single bed, toilet and shower, garden view and the daily jungle orchestre. Stop counting your money and join the Paradise family.

4)Stone Bungalow

Many times we have been asked, what comes after Paradise. Our Stone Bungalow is the manifested answer. A/C equipped and with a panoramic window, facing the turquoise waters, we promise our guests a divine experience. No fruits are forbidden in our most upmarket guest house. If only Adam and Eve had known.

Paradise Bungalows

The relationship between Mankind and the Sea has been immortalized in endless pieces of art and literature works, for a reason: The Man comes from the Sea, and therefore will always return to it...

With the feet soaked in warm and crystal-clear water, while the white sand slowly covers your toes, the morning breeze invites you to take the first bath in the turquoise horizon. Behind you, the lush tropical vegetation of the island frames the idyllic setting for a dream come true: Welcome to Paradise Bungalows.

Just about a 45 minutes ferryboat-ride south of the Cambodian coast, you will find yourself plunged on a 'Crusoe like' virgin island. There, the rhythmic sound of the soft shorebreak is the daily dosis of lullaby, and the repitition of it the every night paradise soundtrack. All too soon you will find yourself in a spontaneous state of meditation.

About the place

There are XX bungalows on Koh Rong and XX on its little sister near by: Koh Rong Samloem. All of them were built to offer great comfort, respecting the natural rustic style of the island, within a convenient distance between each other, to relax in privacy.

Each complex counts with a lounge area at the beach and a Restaurant & Bar, where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes -classic Khmer and European options available in the menu- or just relax with one of our fresh drinks. In this Garden of Eden there are no forbidden fruits! This spacious and open wood construction pays tribute to Cambodias traditional architecture, depicting its Buddhist heritage, which makes it a worthwile spot to hang out. Our local staff is reknown for its embracing hospitality and ready to assist you withy any question.

History of Paradise

Back in 2005 there was no electricity or any other installation, to improve the life of the 80 souls living on Kho Rong. It was at that time, when Rudy, the owner of the place, came and decided to create his own piece of Heaven on Earth. Before settling here, he travelled the world for 30 years, making him 'living tourism' ever since. His experience and knowledge is the driving force of this legacy, making it a unique and beautiful place, where everyone is invited to live in joy and harmony.

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